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Mesmerism Fascination Presence Skills & Hermetic Magnetism Intensive course

Official Premier trainer Lee Gerrard-Barlow presents an intensive certified introduction to the Non Verbal Mesmerism techniques of the acclaimed International ICI /CNV Mesmerismus school of Dr. Marco Paret in October 2024 in Glastonbury .The subject of Hermetic Magnetism is explored in a further exclusive course by Arcana Events

The course content is split in two intensive study modules.                                              You can enroll on each module individually or on the full 6 days training . Get the information pack and for any inquiries : 


Day 1: Magnetism (Mesmerism) – Learn the Powerful and Secret techniques of the ancient Mesmerists

Day 2: Fascination – Learn how to ‘Fascinate’ with the direct power of ‘Fascination’. The hidden secrets of the ‘Gaze’. Get instant results, immediate trance. Completely Non-Verbally.

Day 3: Presence – Learn the essential hidden secret of Presence to gain Maximum success in Mesmerism. Increase your ‘Vitality’ and well being with powerful ancient techniques.

HERMETIC MAGNETISM 28th – 30th October 2024 

Day 4 , 5 and 6 – Hermetic Magnetism – In depth study and application of the origins and roots of ‘Animal Magnetism’ and its perpetuation through the Hermetic Traditions of the West. Explore information of Initiatic nature and gain great experiential entry into this vast and fascinating subject with many practical exercises . 


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Our courses are designed so that you can allow yourself to let go of your daily concerns and become absorbed in a very special and immersive ‘learning experience’ ,where you can learn deeply and get the most from our techniques.


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