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Official Premier trainer Lee Gerrard Barlow presents an intensive certified introduction

to the Non Verbal Mesmerism techniques of the acclaimed International ICI/CNV Mesmerismus

school of Dr.Marco Paret on  October 2024 in Glastonbury .

The subject of Hermetic Magnetism is explored in a further exclusive course by Arcana Events 

The course content is split in two intensive study modules . 

You can enrol on each module individually or on the full 6 days training


25th - 27th October 2024

  •  Day 1  MESMERISM AND MAGNETISM                                                                      Learn the Powerful and Secret techniques of the ancient                              Mesmerists for enhancing your Will and charisma 

  • Day 2  FASCINATION                                                                                                     Learn how to 'Fascinate' with the direct power of ' Fascination ' -               The hidden secrets of the 'Gaze . Get instant results , immediate                 trance . Completely Non Verbally 

  • Day 3   PRESENCE                                                                                                            Learn the essential hidden secret of Presence to gain maximum                   success in Mesmerism. Increase your 'Vitality' and well being with               powerful ancient techniques 


28th - 30th October 2024

  Day 4 , 5 & 6 ​HERMETIC MAGNETISM 

In depth study and application of the origins and roots of 'Animal Magnetism ' and it's perpetuation through the Hermetic Traditions of the West . 

Explore information of Initiatic nature and gain great experiential entry into this vast and fascinating subject with many practical exercises  

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I was very pleased as a total beginner to acquire many skills i a subject that was so new to me and I can now  apply the methods in numerous situations.. the training was no doubt intense and Lee Gerrard Barlow was .... View more

Annie Prosfilidou

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