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Mesmerism is one of the touchstone forerunners of modern energy medicine. Explored in the late 1700s, Franz Mesmer hypothesized his healing results came through the enlightened use of a universal energy he called fluidum.  He postulated that fluidum was a subtle physical fluid that filled the universe and was the connecting medium between all living things, the earth and heavenly bodies

Mesmerism and Quantum Entanglement

The sense of the use of the word ‘animal’ in animal magnetism was understood more by Mesmer as being a ‘sensorium naturalis’. Animals, the vegetable kingdom, and nature in general were seen by Mesmer as being in a natural state of Harmony. The only element that he felt was not truly in harmony was mankind, but he did regard magnetism as being the means to help a harmony to be established within us all.

Recently I had the opportunity to talk to Lee Gerrard-Barlow, a practising Mesmerist living in England, about his art. Lee is an NLP Master, Hypnotherapist and Official Premier Trainer for “Magnetism” (i.e. Mesmerism). For those not aware “Mesmerism” pre-dates what is nowadays known as Hypnosis, and draws on rich heritage which is regarded with suspicion by skeptics, but is fascinating for students of the Mysteries. xhhfrihfiruhfriuhfrijhfurifhrrretretrererfwrwrwrwrwwrwrwrwrwwwr

Hypnosis as currently practised is essentially verbal. Magnetism and ‘Mesmerismus’ are non-verbal. Words are endowed with a lower density than gestures. What is non-verbal is denser than the verbal. The self, the ego, is primarily verbal, whereas one’s inward being is mostly non-verbal. The body is non-verbal. The more one is in touch with one’s essential inward identity, the greater is the balance which is thus established

“A time will come when philosophy, animal magnetism, and natural science..will shed so bright a light on one another that truths will be discovered at which we could not otherwise hope to arrive”

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These days Mesmerism can be very useful for the regeneration of nervous debilitation; for getting an individual re-centered and re-balanced and to regain a healthy relationship to ones own body and increased awareness of ones own energies which amounts to the same thing . Mesmerism was regarded as a panacea by many ancient practitioners.  Mesmerism itself is definitely the most rapid method for getting people into deep states where real change can occur.

Lee Gerrard-Barlow is an author, educator and artist who with over 20 years research into perceptions of the body has amassed an extensive library of work from a variety of cultures. Investigating the history and practice of trance states, meditation, alchemy, Yoga based practices, hypnotherapy, and mesmerism Barlow has been reviving interest in these practices internationally at seminars and lectures to a growing audience of the curious, the sceptical and those open to alternative ways of thinking

Mesmerism is considered the precursor to hypnotism, but in reality it is an esoteric discipline of consciousness-expansion that draws from many ancient traditions such as Hermeticism, Kabbalah, and Gnosticism. Mesmerism calls upon inner and outer presences that unlock the divine potential of the universe and beyond. And we also explore the unique way the Gnostics and other Mesmeric mystics radically dealt with the concept of fate, all for the ultimate liberation of the soul.

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