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Since its establishment in London back at 2012, Arcana Therapies is the sole provider of training in Mesmerism in UK offering certified courses in 'Mesmerism Fascination Presence and Hermetic Magnetism' 

Lee has been working therapeutically with trance states ‘Meditational’ and ‘Yoga’ based practices for the last 20 Years.

He trained as an “N.L.P Master Practitioner” under Dr.Richard Bandler’s “Society of Neuro Linguistic Programming” and studied deeply ‘Hypnosis’ and Hypnotherapy with The “Institute of Clinical Hypnosis” in London

He has a Central London practice and in Glastonbury UK , where he helps clients,  using all of the disciplines he has learnt , carefully forming a system ‘tailor made’   for each individual clients needs.

He has since authored many articles on these subjects in various magazines and in internet journals.

He is also an Official Premier Trainer for “ISI/CNV International” the continental school of Dr.Marco Paret. Teaching the arts of Magnetism ( Mesmerism ) Fascination and ‘Presence based therapy’.

Lee also occasionally hosts Mesmerism teachings Courses in the U.K where he holds retreats and teaches Meditational techniques and deeper work in ‘Presence based self development’.

You may visit his other website also :  for intensive seminars in Hermetic Magnetism and also guided tours in London ,Glastonbury, Stonehenge and the sacred sites of the West country 

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